Museum of St. John Paul II in Cracow began its activity on 23 June 2013, on the date of the consecration of the Upper Church, the Sanctuary of St. John Paul II in Cracow in the “White Seas”.

Until 29 February 2020, its full name was worded as follows: The Archdiocesan Museum of Saint John Paul II. At that time, it was a branch of the Archdiocesan Museum of Cardinal Karol Wojtyła in Cracow.

By decision of priest Archbishop Marek Jędraszewski, Metropolitan of Cracow, from 1 March 2020, the direct of this place and the entrusted collections is performed by the St. John Paul II Centre “Do not be afraid!” in Cracow.

Today, the Museum – among other institutions of this type – is distinguished by a rich and unique collection of mementos and objects directly related to the person of the Polish Pope. They include, inter alia, items for personal use of the Holy Father and the so-called papal gifts (private, small souvenirs or valuable works of art) offered to John Paul II during His 27-year pontificate, during numerous apostolic journeys and meetings with the distinguished guests.

The Holy Father handed over these collections gradually, primarily at the end of the 20th and the beginning of the 21st century. After his death, priest cardinal Stanisław Dziwisz (the pope’s personal secretary, initiator of the creation and construction of the Holy Centre in Cracow) donated a large part of the current collection.

The establishment creatively commemorates the thought, teaching, biography and the broadly understood legacy of the Polish Pope.

The headquarters of the Museum of St. John Paul II is situated on the ground floor of the “Veritas” building (near the main entrance to the Upper Church of the Sanctuary of St. John Paul II), under the following address: 30 Totus Tuus Street, 30-610 Cracow.