The Museum of St. John Paul II in Cracow is an institution operating as part of the St. John Paul II Centre in Cracow.

The mission of the Museum is to preserve, commemorate and promote knowledge about the life of Karol Wojtyła, the papacy of John Paul II, His teaching, and the broadly understood legacy of the Saint, which accords with the cultural and intellectual achievements of the most outstanding representatives of the Polish nation and the authority figures of international significance.

The activity of the Museum also addresses a promotion of the values ​​and choices of the Polish Pope, whose papacy motto “Do not be afraid!” strengthened and encouraged the faithful around the globe. The Patron of the Museum was a spiritual leader who was changing the world, “knocked down the walls” and “built bridges” in the 20th and 21st centuries.

The activities of the Museum focus on taking a number of initiatives consistent with the “papal thought”, i.e. activities to the benefit of developing a common identity, respect for the achievements of the past generations, empathy, building a civilisation of love and peace based on the system of the Christian values, cultivating human dignity, learning to communing with culture and beauty and promoting these ideas within the future generations.

The Museum implements the aforementioned assumptions, inter alia, through:

  • collecting, storing, securing, research work, such as: developing, sharing and disseminating entrusted resources, objects and remembrances of Karol Wojtyła – John Paul II as well as photo – and / or audio-visual, handwritten materials related to the life and activity of St. John Paul II the Great;
  • initiating and organising seminars, scientific conferences and educational workshops in the spirit of the teachings of John Paul II;
  • preparing exhibitions (permanent and temporary ones) with accompanying publications – catalogues and organising cultural events popularising the work of the Holy Father’s papacy;
  • cooperating with other institutions (museums, institutes, cultural centres, universities, schools, foundations, etc.), legal and natural persons in the country and abroad, with the media – to deepen knowledge about the legacy of St. John Paul II and for the purpose of implementing the joint programmes and projects;

The modern exhibitions presenting historical objects or works of art are a unique, artistic testimony of faith, a creative inspiration for the work of the Papacy and the Person of the Patron of this place.